Terms and conditions

Your personal information will be used for purposes that will help to strengthen the quality and relevance of the different programmes and research at The University of Southern Denmark. Meaning that when becoming a member of SDU Alumnet, you will be contributing with valuable information which will help to develop and improve the university.

We will be using your personal data to:

  • collect information concerning the status of our graduates' employment

  • invite you to events and other related alumni activities

  • offer you relevant continuing- and further education

  • possible participation in SDU’s mentor programme and other activities that can strengthen the students' employability

Your personal data will under no circumstances be used for any other purposes without your consent.

How we treat your information
The University of Southern Denmark will handle your data confidentially in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation,  the Danish data protection law, Criminal Law and Public Administration, and the information will not be disclosed or left to unauthorized or otherwise used by unauthorized persons. Your personal information will only be accessible to employees at The University of Southern Denmark.

We keep your information safe
As being the data controller, The University of Southern Denmark, has taken appropriate technical and organizational security measures to prevent data from being destroyed, lost or damaged, while also making sure that the information do not reach unauthorized persons, be misused or otherwise processed against regulations of the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data.

If you want your data deleted
The University of Southern Denmark will delete or anonymize your data when the purpose of storing your information is no longer relevant.

Please be aware that;

you can always revoke your consent, in which case SDU will ensure that all your personal information will be deleted  immediately,

you have the right to access the data processed about you,

you have the right to demand incorrect information to be corrected or deleted

you have the right to complain to the Data Protection Agency about the use of your personal information.

Read more
You can read more about how SDU handles personal data at

If you have any questions
You can always contact SDU RIO by phone (+45) 6550 2022 or

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