Memeber benefits

Get online access to professional journals
Even though you’re no longer a student at SDU, you can continue to have free access to professional journals, books and many other resources provided by the library.

Give yourself some food for thought with professional courses
Strengthen your skill and give yourself some food for thought with some of the exciting professional courses at the Folkeuniversitet in Odense and Kolding. Courses are only in Danish.

Get the latest news about research and events in your inbox
As a member of the alumni network you can receive newsletters that are tailored to your own interests.

Get ’Ny Viden’ with the latest research in your post box
You can subscribe for free to SDU's official magazine ’Ny viden’, which gives you the latest about the breakthroughs being made at the university. The magazine comes out 12 times a year and is often cited in the media. The magazine is in Danish.

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